Black paper Dragon Picture

Black paper is AWESOME!!1

I did this guy right after buying some black cardstock. A good while back I had talked to an elderly artist dude in some studio who told me that if I was having problems with shading/shadowing try using black paper. That way instead of trying to find the shadowed areas you find the light. I need lots of work still but his technique seemed to help. That guy was awesome, I learned some cool stuff from him. Wish I could meet him again, he'd be a great mentor.

-Black cardstock and Prisma colored pencils. Character based on a old sculpture I did a few years ago.

*About this character:
I have decided that he is the God of all bodies of water (oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, so on) and can shapeshift at will. He can have 4 legs as seen here, 2 front legs and a serpent like body, or no legs and be more eel like. He enjoys curling around lighthouses at night, especially abandoned ones, often making his eyes glow to mimic the light on the top of the tower.

As of right now he is nameless. If anyone has any suggestions let me know ^^

Please no stealing. I love him greatly.

******UPDATE: He now has a name! After having him for years I've finally named him! He shall now be called Enki, which is the name of a Sumerian Mythological God. [link] *********
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