Dragon Age: Inquisition - Lonely Roads Ahead Picture

Khavir Levellan; A rogue with a deep fascination of beauty, he grew up in a nomadic family that traveled through the Free Marshes until his early adolescent years when he was taken by Templars who had stopped their caravan. He was then brought into the exclusive life of concubining for high nobility. Though suffering greatly through such abuse, he began to see the options before him and decided to take on such a burden with stride. He then became well known through Orlais as a source of both pleasure and fine company as an escort for the young women of the royal court. In his late twenties, he was discovered by a noble who wanted to use his good looks and charm as a spy to enter the Chantry's conclave. Now he can be found wherever there is trouble, or instead at the side of his Tevinter lover by the surname Pavus.

Angelique Levellan; A mage of the same family as Khavir, she too spent her younghood in the Free Marshes and developed her magic with her mentors. In her teenage years, she took on responsibility to become the keeper of her clan, holding secrets and ancient stories as well as the task to study Dalish artifacts. She respects the Dalish religion as many of her people do, though in the service of the Inquisition she opens her eyes to greater things. She takes a shine to Solas, and the two of them head deeper into the Elvish mythology and the tales of the Dread Wolf.

Daionis Avaar; Another rogue, she was born into slavery by Tevinter means alongside others of her kin, as well as elves. One in particular she recalls to have had snow white hair. At the age of ten, a group of mercenaries killed the magister as they traveled to the southern lands. Becoming friends with those in the band, she decided to join them. She then learned archery through the band's resident sharpshooter. Being of the Qun, she mastered longbows with grace. It was after many years as a mercenary herself that she took the opportunity to be a spy and enter the conclave. After her adventures, she is often seen with a lanky human boy whose desire to help those in pain is respected by her.

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