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Full Name: Aikanaro Elda
Nickname(s): Aiko, Elda, Nari, Red
Gender: Male
Age: 133, with the physical appearance of being 23-ish.
Birthday: December 8th, Sagittarius.
Hair: Rusty red, long and usually held in a loose ponytail
Eyes: Amber gold.
Height: 6'3"
Race/Species: Full-blooded sylvan elf.
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Tall and lanky, much stronger than his appearance gives him credit for. Wears a small gold hoop earring in his right earlobe.
Beliefs/Religion: Follows Erevan in bardic/roguish revelry and trickery.
Temperament: Optimistic, jovial, headstrong, adventurous, tactless, restless, caring, hot-tempered, stubborn, imaginative, social, loyal, extroverted.
Career: Freelance bladist and bard who commonly runs in the company of the Evangelines when he's not with other players on stage.
Likes: Acting, singing, dancing, going out and socializing, parties, knife throwing, food, drinking, arguing, telling stories, traveling.
Dislikes: Disloyalty, quitters, boats, deep water, snakes, people with little or no sense of humour, confinement
Natural Talents: A triple threat, he was born to be on stage and is theatric even in normally mundane activities. He's very friendly and outgoing and can make most anyone feel welcome without trying very hard. He is a near-compulsive liar and is very good at it, lending to his acting abilities.
Background: Aiko was raised in a busy, happy household - he was born the middle child with two younger and two older sisters, along with his mother and father. He struck out on his own when his hometown got too small for him and he took to traveling and playing with caravanners and gypsies. He got caught up in a dangerous ring of thieves and rogues where he met one of his oldest friends and mentors, Sode. He was in a relationship with Isilme Khelek for a long time but has come out of it in recent years, finding himself with the Evangelines.

Partner: Ebony ((see below)). The perfect image of an odd couple, Aiko and Ebony are a pair of extremes from either end of the spectrum. They somehow manage to meet in the middle however, finding a wonderful harmony in each other's company when they're not arguing to kill each other. Aiko found himself training as an assassin under Ebony for the Evangelines, but their strange magnetism to one another has made them much more than colleagues. His persistence with Ebony knows no bounds; something about Ebony quells the fear of commitment and confinement in him, and he's determined to stay by the shade's side.

Siblings: Four sisters. Estanesse is the oldest before Yavie and then himself. Filit was born a few decades after him and Pio is the youngest.

Friends/Allies: Isilme Khelek [link] ((former lover and one of his best friends)), Calen'loki ((close friend)), Sode Faraar ((former mentor and close friend of many years)), Neldor Baru ((tavern owner and close friend)), Azrael ((head of the Evangelines)), Amaia ((King of the Elven People ... more an ally than a friend, as they fail to see eye-to-eye most of the time)).

Enemies: Morion Teken'ar [link] A drow and former raid leader, one who led the attack on Isilme's village. Aiko has been a thorn in his side for decades and has managed to help Isilme elude him. As such, the two bear an unabashed hatred for each other.

Full Name: Ebony of the Evangeline.
Nickname(s): Ebbs if you want to be stabbed. The Shadow Prince.
Gender: Male
Age: 45 - he appears as 23
Birthday: November 15th, Scorpio
Hair: Ebony colored (reddish black) razor cut, long in front short in the back.
Eyes: Pale grey violent, very bright.
Height: 6'1"
Race/Species: Sylvan Elf Shade. Being part shadow being makes him age faster than a normal elf.
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Very quick and tightly wound. Wry with toned muscles. He has old but extensive scarring on his back. He wears an earring with two feathers in his right ear.
Beliefs/Religion: Fenmeral, the Shadow Prince of darkness and assassins.
Temperament: Penetrating, Passionate, Protective, Tenacious, Magnetic, Emotional, Sensual, Self-Destructive, Ruthless, Possessive, Moody, Sadistic, Cunning, Introverted
Career: The top ranking Assassin of the Evangeline. He part of what the Evangeline’s call The Family, the seven original members of the guild.
Likes: Night time, Art, Drawing, People watching, Drinking, Laudanum, Painting, Secrets, Swimming, Water, Making plans
Dislikes: Being pressured, Bright light, Being questioned, Being hurt, Being in situations that are someone else’s fault, being caught with no plans.
Natural Talents: Born with the ability to manipulate and move through shadows he uses this ability to it’s fullest especially working as an assassin, preferring to always be hidden and strike unseen. He’s a talented artist and enjoys drawing people from life.
Background: Ebony was taken in by the small group that would go on to become the Evangeline’s when he was only a small child. They found him with extensive injuries to his back hiding in shadows and named him Ebony for the deep tone of his hair and his shadow bending. He doesn’t remember ever not being with the Evangelines. He would put all his effort into the group, becoming it’s main assassin. He excelled in art and continues to constantly carry around a sketch book all the time. He’s a high functioning Laudanum addict and after having several bad relationships he’s bitter and prefers keeping to himself.

Partner: … of sorts, Aiko Elda ((see above)). Aiko was assigned to him to be trained as a new assassin for the Evangelines. Unfortunately they are about as opposite as one can imagine and it both frustrates and fascinates Ebony. Just like light and shadow their relationship is in constant push and pull, sometimes beautiful harmonious, sometimes in a state of upheaval. Being naturally secretive Ebony is slowly getting more and more used to being in an actually healthy relationship.

Siblings: None, but he would say that any of the Evangeline Family are his brothers and sisters. He is especially fond of Azrael and Delaney.

Friends/Allies: Isilme Khelek [link] friend of many years)), Amaia [link] ((Isilme’s husband and the King of the Elven People)), any and all Evangelines, Oline Salka [link] ((a mob queen who is an occasional lover as well as information source)).

Enemies: Dhar Hadeon - [link] The leader of an opposing organization called the Sheol. He is a charismatic and cunning man known to have his hand in any number of shady things at any given moment.

Ebony belongs to me, Aiko to =yami-caffeine
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