La Muerte and Hornbill Princess Picture

A tribute work to my mentor. My mentor is Dicksy Iskandar, a famous international artist in the 80’s. He amuses everyone, even world leaders. One of his artworks that I adored, is a picture of a Dayak character and a Central American Character. He drew that painting for a meeting between Indonesia and Central American leaders. Awesome thing is that Dicksy is also a film and comic illustrator.

What La Muerte met there is a girl named as “The Hornbill Princess”, Hornbill Princess is a warrior princess spirit that is believed to protect Borneo forest, where Dayak tribes live. She is also believed to have magical powers, specially changing gender appearances. Hornbill Princess always possess someone in rituals to tell her tribes about what is new, what danger will come, and other news that will come to Dayak tribes.

I really love Dayak Tribes. Not just because the way they cloth and the mythologies. But also real life magic that normal humans and science couldn’t explain.

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