Round 6--Mayu Picture

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Sailor Nut's civilian persona, Mayu Hoshino. Myu had wanted to be an idol singer before discovering her Senshi roots, and had since given up on her dream, since being a soldier comes first. However, that doesn't mean she can't do some karaoke! Mayu lives with her mentor, Isako (Sailor Hatepsuht's civilian self) and is also tutored by her. Since Mayu is rarely allowed to go into town without her mentor/master (you never know when a youma will attack, and Nut needs back-up a lot!), she hangs around the house most of the time, singing home-karaoke, playing video games, and reading (fairytales, mostly). She also likes to go to the library and brush up on her mythology, usually going to the Egyptian section to see if she can find any clues about her team's mission, and any possible allies/enemies.
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