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FINALLY!!! Some sign of life after so long! XC (life as in drawings)
Anyway, I've decided to to do a profile of one of the closest members of my team. His name is Neon Hymmel (yes he has a last name). Scholar, philosohper, mentor, and soldier. Neon is both the muscle and the brains of the group. On regular days, he's the finest gentleman a pokemon can ever be. But in battle, he is a master of the field, a force to reconed with . Although, he dosen't believe in killing. As a matter of fact, underneath his intimidating muscular exterior beats a heart of pure gold. He loves playing with children and making them smile. He would've been devoid of such feelings if it weren't for the love and care of one Emily Hymmel. However, it best that we start from the beginning

Neon's story begins as a newborn wild riolu. His mother was a lucario named tanya and his father a sawk named Renzo, both of which Neon's name was derived from. Sadly, Neon can only recall a few memories of what his parents were like and that he was cherished by both of them. As he grew his father taught him the basics of self defence and attacks while his mother would teach him many things about nature. They seem to be the happiest family in the world. But all the joy and comfort came to an abrupt end when fate played a cruel hand on little Neon.

When Neon was only two years old, his home was invaded by poachers who steel fighting type pokemon and sell them to fighting arenas. In an effort to protect their child, Neon's mother and father lashed out at the two poachers.....only to be shot and left to die before Neon's eyes. He was nearly snacthed away by the poachers when one of them was suddenly shot in the shoulder! They noticed that a man armed with a gun was headed their way. It was an off-duty police officer. Before he had time to yell,"FREEZE!!," they ran off and were lost in the darkness of night, leaving the terrified riolu alone among his now decesed parents (I know, "this has batman written all over it," right ? XI ) .

A young women came into view. Her name was Emily Hymmel, the daughter of a wealthy doctor named Jacob Hymmel. She was around the area when she heard shots ring out from off the path. She was both terror and grief stricken as she saw the two bloody masses. She was in tears when she found Neon on his knees and crying over his parents bodies, trying in vain to wipe away the ever flowing tears. Now, normally a rich person would think nothing of it and just go on about their business, but not Emily. She picked up the quivering riolu and craddled him in her warm arms. It was then she decided to raise Neon as her own. She even offered to give his parents a proper buriel. "No one...not even pokemon dserve such hate!"

It took a while for Neon to get used to his new family, but he soon grew attached to them and even learned to love them, even more so with the angel that saved his life. Emily Hymmel, aleged to be the master of the Arts, believed that Neon should have a proper education to help him fit in with human society.

The Hymmels were a family of many talents. Emily's mother Treasa Hymmel was a women of poetry. Jacob was a successful hospital surgon and a former military commander. He also Had a hobby of playing the violin, and Emily was suited to painting singing and acting. She was very well known for her breathtaking performances on the piano and organ. Even their cousins were high class professionals! A military general, a scientist, a mathematician, a geographer, an historian, even a gourmet cook! Schooling a pokemon may seem strange to some people but emily considered Neon as her little brother. And seeing that everyone else had grown fond him, they all offered to pitch in. And so, Neon's education began!

Starting as a little pup, the family began schooling Neon with the basics, such as reading writing and arithmatic as well as proper english since he knew telempothy. He later began to learn about history. He would also have battle training sessions with both Emily and her cousin General Gregory Montgomery. Emily would teach Neon how to paint and how to read and write with the help of her mother. She even taught him how to sing and play the piano. As Neon grew, he was accustomed to algebra, calculus, professional liturature, history, philosopy, mythology and many of the Arts. He would sometimes spend all day in the mansion's library reading books in hoipes of increasing his knowladge, But he would help himself to a good story now and then. Neon had yet to evolve at the time but he had already learned to be patient. But Neon always kept secret that he wanted vengance for his parents' deaths....BLOOD vengance! D8 *oh noooooooo*

Neon's dark side wasn't hidden for long for it start to show in his training sessions with Greg. He seemed more stressed out than usual. It seemed that he evenn lost intrest in music, poetry, painting, and even cooking. All that seemed to matter now was training evryday. After Emily confronted him late one night, he shamefully confessed that he concealed a deep hatred in his heart for those who killed his parents and wished them dead by his hand. He also admitted that he held this rage since the day she found him. Emily was shocked to hear this and try to talk him out of it. But Neon was stubborn and would not take no for and answer. And you know what....? Niether would Emily!

Suddenly it broke out into a fight between Neon and Emily. But the climax was when Neon wished that she just left him in the woods to die! That was it! She heard enough, and she angrily lashed out at him, smaking him across the face and knocking him on his rear! She immediately regreted it. Neon was stunned that she actullay struck him down with such callous. Emily was NOT the person to leave children behind, Nor would she EVER be! and she told him just that!
"When I saw you shaking in the cold and crying for your parents, I knew in my heart that God had sent me to you for a reason... to care for give you love, and to show you NOT what you can take...but what you can GIVE BACK!! .....I love you Neon...and I'll never stop loving you. And niether will your parents...."
Neon, now choking on his tears, sought the comfort of her arms of which she returned the embrace,"
.....I'm sorry Emily.....*sob*.....I'm so sorry. I was an idiot thinking I had nothing left...*sob*... when all this time...i never realized.....*sniff* happy I was with you. I AM happy being with you....and I love you too...."
It was at that moment that Neon's overwhelming joy caused him to finally evolve into a Lucario. Neon finally understood that he was loved and that he would never doubt Emily's word ever again.

Things finally returned to normal. Neon was finally back to doing the things he grew to love to everyone's relief. And Neon was never more happier than the night he evolved. However, he wished to become stronger in order to protect his new family against future crisis if any. He decided that he would leave with General Montgomery and join the military. And Emily, who was reluctant at first, decided that Neon had the right to pursue what thought was best. Before he left, She gave him a sterling silver crucifix of which had been passed down the family line for generations. It was said to have been staind with the blood of Christ during the fourty day safter his ressurection. It is belived by the hymmels that their ancesters forged the most beautiful crucifix in his honour. Emily then told Neon it is aleged that Jesus thought that the cross was so beautiful, he made a cut in his hand and christaned it with his own blood. After hearing this amazing story, Neon vowed to never take it off and keep it close... to remind him of Jesus' love, and Emily's. After a fond farewell, Neon set off to train abroad with his general cousin.

Neon trained diligently in the army to become a top notch soldier, Working both his body and mind, all the while never taking off the cucifix. As time marched on, Neon would ask for larger and heavier weights to work out with claiming that his other wieghts have become too light. He made friends with his fellow human soldiers and would even have sparing sessions with them...and time and again, Neon was always declared the winner. He would endlessly study maps and battle strategies on his days off duty. He would learn new fighting techniques from allied soldiers who came from different parts of the globe such as China, India and Japan and learn about their cultural history. Neon had become fluent in several different laguages as well. It was also said that Gregory put Neon through "special" training of which Neon only descibes as "Hell on Earth." Neon After five years of rigorus training. Neon finally returned home to Emily.

It was a happy reunion, Although Neon recalls Emily being quite surprised seeing his new muscular physique. "He's built like real soldier," Uncle Greg would boast," I could never be more proud of him!" Neon also seemed to have developed somewhat of a playboy adittude. While still training on the field and working out at the mansion's gym he would still enjoy painting and playing music with Emily. Things were pretty much the same...until one day, something would happen that would change Neon's life forever.

One day, when Neon was 17, he decided to go to the market to help gourmet cook, Chef Acelet Hymmel, with dinner. He loved helping the family out with chores. He practically knew every friendly face in town of which he would enjoy mingling with when he and Emily went out for a stroll. But as he was about to leave with a bag of groceries, There was a huge explosion! Neon was horrified to see that it came from the mansion!! He rushed back as fast as he could...but it was too late. The house was engulfed in flames!
Neon found what looked like a detonater tossed callously aside. The house was bomed! When he went in search for Mr. and Mrs. Hymmel, he was aghast to see their chared remains amongst the ruble. But their was no sign of Emily's body....only her cherished sterling silver crucifix. Neon was destoryed as he gave a mournful roar that echoed throughout the heavens.

Gregory, after hearing the news, came to comfort Neon. Yet somehow, Neon was convinced that Emily was still alive knowing only that her body was not found amogst her parents' and would do whatever to took to find her. He left town shortly afterward to begun his search.

It wasn't long when he ran into me and my sister after accidentaly stumbling upon his shrine to the Hymmels it was hard to gain his trust since he's been through hell twice already. Although eventually, he reluctantly decided to join our team after helping him protect his shrine from a group of wild ursaraing and saving his life when he was badly wounded during the fight.

He still has trouble trusting us but all in all he's grown accustomed to the team. Hopefully we will learn to fully trust us and that we succeed in helping him in finding Emily Hymmel.

Height: 5'11'' larger than regular lucarios

Weight: 132 lbs (has a muscular build)

Strength: Able to lift a fully loaded commercial truck. 30 tons (his "special" military training that Gregory put him through had astounding affects on his body

Top Speed: 97 mph

Accessories: Wears Emily's Crucifix around his neck

Personality: Observant, tactful, smart, kind hearted, a gentleman and somewhat stubborn....and sometimes a hothead.
XD all in all, mature.

Likes: Keeping in shape, reading, painting, children, medidtating, and on some occasions singing and acting, has a secret crush on Sonia the kirlia (actually it's not qiute a secret anymore) F3

Dislikes: Having to break up fights, killing, greed and liers, anyone who backmouths the Hymmels.

SHEESH!!!! I was afraid that this description would go on forever! Then again, this me were talking about. I like writing out details.

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