Bruunhilde Schrodinger Picture

Picture of Xerevantes's OC Bruunhilde Schrodinger. Originally the granddaughter of my Marielle Schrodinger, her role in the story has been reworked and expanded upon.

Bruunhilde Schrodinger is a member of Violette Beauregard's Sternjager unit and the clone of Marielle Schrodinger. Bruunhilde was created years after the end of the 1000 year Bloodwar and the reawakening of Violette Beauregard. Kaiser tasked Violette with teaching the clone all she knows so she can be ready to fight for him during his holy war. What started as a master/apprentice relationship eventually became a mother/daughter relationship. Violette became easily invested with raising Bruunhilde because Marielle mentored her when she was younger a 1000 years prior during the era of the first Quincy Bloodwar.

Although she is a clone of Marielle, they stand on their own as individuals. Marielle is warm and loving while Bruunhilde is more eager and hotheaded. Additionally their powers developed and branched off towards different paths of evolution.

Bruunhilde's Schrift is "P" "The Phoenix" which grants her powers similar to the Phoenix of mythology.
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