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And here is the strongest unit for Oghuz Turks: The great "Oğuz Han".

The Oghuz (variously known as Ghuzz, Guozz, Kuz, Oguz, Oğuz, Okuz, Oufoi, Ouz, Ouzoi, Torks, Turkmen, Uguz, Uğuz, and Uz ) were a big group of Turkic peoples. In the ninth century the Oghuz Turks from the Aral steppes drove the Pecheneg Turks of the Emba region and the River Ural toward the west. In the tenth century they inhabited the steppe of the rivers Sari-su, Turgai, and Emba to the north of Lake Balkhash of modern day Kazakhstan. A clan of this nation, the Seljuks, embraced Islam and in the eleventh century entered Persia, where it founded the Great Seljuk Empire.
"The Ottoman dynasty, who gradually took over Anatolia after the fall of the Seljuks, toward the end of the thirteenth century, led an army that was also predominantly Oghuz."


Once upon a time in the middle of Asia a new-born baby screamed in to the huge world. The baby should get his name from his father and as he wanted to speak the newborn baby said “I was born in a palace, so shall I be called Oguz” They were surprised by that because in those times in Asia, like it is now, the speech of a baby was unusual. After that shock his mother gave him milk. He only drank milk from his mother once. Then he asked for raw some meat ( :S)….. wine and soup.

About his presence; his mouth was red like fire, his eyes were like honey, and his hair was dark. He was even prettier than a fairy. He had the feet of an ox, the waist of a wolf, the shoulder of a sable and the chest of a bear. He grew up in 40 days and started to ride horses and hunt… Let’s begin our play and so the legend of Oguz Khan…

At that time there was a huge and beautiful forest with a beast in it... The beast was scary because it was a plague for the humans which lived there. So Oguz went there to kill that beast.

He took his lance, sword, bow, arrows and his shield with him and began to hunt. He caught a deer and tied him with some leaves on a tree. During the night the beast took the deer. In the morning when he realized that, he went hunting again and caught a bear. He tied the bear with his golden belt on the same tree. In the morning Oguz Khan couldn’t find the bear so he used himself as the bait. As the sun disappeared the beast appeared and attacked him. The beast rammed its head against Oguz Khan’s shield. Then Oguz Khan killed him with his lance, cut the beasts head with his blade and left… When he came back he saw a light brown falcon eating the intestines of the beast. He shot the falcon with his bow and said:” The beast ate the deer and the bear. My lance killed it because it is made of steel. The falcon ate the intestines of the beast. My bow and arrow killed it because they are made of copper.

As for the Casanova part of the legend, one day as he begged to God everything went dark and a light came down from the sky. It was brighter then the sun or moon. Oguz Khan went there and he saw a beautiful girl. She was so beautiful that when she laughed the god laughed and when she cried the god cried with her. Oguz Khan liked her. He took her and loved her. After days and nights, she gave him three boys. Oguz Khan called them Gün, Ay and Yildiz- which means "Sun" "Moon" and "Star"

Again one day, when Oguz Khan was hunting he saw a girl sitting in a tree next to the lake. She had even bluer eyes than the sky, her hair was wavy like the river and her teeth were as white as pearls… When he saw her, he liked her too and again after days and nights she gave him three boys who were called Gök, Dag and Deniz.- which means "Sky", "Mountain" and " Sea". After that he called his folks for a feast. He ordered his commanders;

I’m your Khan
I shall take sword and shield
Shall fortune be our sign
And the grey wolf our war cry

The trees to metal spears
Hunting spots full of wild horses
May our land be filled with lakes and rivers
Our tent shall be the sky, our flag may be the sun
May the world be mine and our folk get crowded

So he ordered to all sides:
When I’m the big Khan of the Uygur,
So I count as the ruler of the world.
The world is mine from now on
So I want you to obey me
Every one who obeys me shall be blessed and richly rewarded
Anyone who doesn’t shall find nothing but my lance and sword…

Many shall obey him but the Khan of Urum so Oguz Khan gathered his army and started his campaign. After a 40-day of march, Oguz Khan woke up in his tent and saw a male wolf in front of him. The wolf started to talk like a human and said that “We want to show Oguz Khan’s army the way to their enemy. The battle is great indeed but in the end Oguz Khan and his forces will have nothing but succeed.”

Oguz Khan heard from the men and women that Uruz the brother of Urum had a fortress hidden in the North so he started to search for him. But before he found the fortress, Uruz laid down his weapon and sent him gold and treasures as a sign of peace. So Oguz Khan was pleased and said: “You shall be called Saklap from now on because you kept your fortress hidden for so long.”

On their campaign they got to a river called Itil. It was a large river so Oguz Khan asked his men “How do we get to the other side?” There was a good ruler and commander named Ulug Ordu. He was a clever one too so he cut down the trees along the river to build a raft with which he transferred the army across the water. Oguz Khan was very pleased, he laughed and said: “You shall be the ruler over this region. You shall rule over here with your new name Kipçak Bey.”

After many battles and many years, one of the white-bearded old mentors of Oguz Khan and was one of his ministers as well saw a golden bow and three silver arrows. The bow was headed to the dawn of the day, the arrows to the North. So he went to Oguz Khan and said: “Oh, my khan, may you live long and glorious. May the god fulfill my dreams and may you rule over the world.”

Oguz Khan listened to him and followed his advice. In the morning he gathered his 3 big and 3 small boys and wanted form them to hunt some animals for him. The three big ones found the golden bow from the Old man’s dream in the east and the smaller ones found 3 arrows further to the North. So Oguz Khan stood up and broke the bow into 3 pieces which he gave to the big ones and he gave the arrows to the smaller ones.

So he called his folks and he gave his country to his sons.

He was so valorous that he was regarded as one of the most heroic men in the realm. He was respected by his men, and none would challenge his authority. Under his rule, he launched 26 major war campaigns to conquer 26 countries, and became greatly feared widely throughout Asia, even in the mighty Chinese Empire. He was a great warrior and a master tactician and was undefeated in his battles against many empires including the Chinese. Oguz Khan and his descendants are the humble reason for the greatest barrier ever created by mankind as a means of protection: The Great Wall of China.

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