Merrow, Siren of the Irish Shore's Picture

The word Merrow comes from the old Irish Moruadh meaning ‘sea maid’. Merrow women have radiant hair and from the waist down the verdigris scales on an impressive fish tail. They are breathtakingly beautiful and have the most harmonious singing voices – and if you make them mad they will kill you.
Poor unsuspecting males would be lured into the sea by the enchanted music of the mermaids, taken beneath the waves to live in captivity. In the event one escaped, they would incur the wrath of the scorned Siren and be pursued and drowned, or in some cases, devoured.
if you stumble upon the Merrow, your only course of action is to grab a hold of the special cap they wear called a cohuleen druith
. This holds the power they need to live under water and by taking it you prevent the Merrow women from ever descending the waves again. That is unless the vocal magic of the Siren hasn’t already ensnared your senses and doomed you to a life at the bottom of the sea .....

This is my entry for the contest Coaching Competition - Photomanipulation Theme
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