Team One Sandal Picture

Once again, a project for Latin. (The crew of the mythological Argo) My dad managed to somehow break the scanner so a bad photo was the best I could do for now.
Top - Zetes and Calais (winged brothers)
Bottom - Atalanta, (fierce, fast huntress) Meleager, (fancies Atalanta) Hercules, (with lion skin) Jason, (captain of the Argo) Peleus, (father of Achilles) Argus, (built the Argo) and Orpheus. (musician, lost wife in the Underworld)
Tradition has it that there were 50 men on the Argo - I chose just a few of the most famous.
Just ink pens on sketch paper. If there are any errors please comment - I know there are definitely things I need to work on but critiques from others are always welcomed and appreciated. I'd rather have comments full of harsh criticism for the way I draw than no comments at all.

Feb 2012
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