calydonian boar Picture

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Here is boar one out of two. I'm also drawing the Erymanthian boar BECAUSE I CAN. I was going to stick them together.. but this one came out better than expected so I said eh, wth.

The Calydonian and Erymanthian boars are completely different but have similar origins. Both boars had ties to Artemis (the hunter goddess.) The Calydonian boar was sent by Artemis to wreak havoc on the countryside and destroyed crops and vineyards. Why? Because dumbass King Oeneus forgot to include Artemis in his offerings during an annual sacrifice. And Artemis was all DENIED and thus.. the boarage.

Like the quest for the Golden Fleece, hunting the Calydonian boar was a great task. The King gathered the greatest hunters he could find and told them to go forth and kill the boar. The boar got ARROW'D first by Atalanta but the King's son Meleager was the one who killed it. Then there's a big old other story about how Meleager gave the skin to Atalanta because she had hit it first and there was a big to-do with OMG FEMALE DISCRIMINATION and such. But yeah, that's another story. Go look it up if you want. Wikipedia get.

And yes, I gave it blunt teeth. Why? Because being knocked down by a boar and being gored with tusks and having your flesh torn off by blunt teeth is really really creepy
[also] might I add that this looks 10x better in real life. The scanner didn't pick up most of the shading and it stretched it out somehow..

.05 mech pencil
Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox

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