Medusamon Sandira Mode Picture

Name - Medusamon Sandira Mode
Level - Xros
Type - Gorgon Beast
Attribute - Virus
Family - Nightmare Soldiers, Jungle Troopers
Digivolves From - Medusamon + Sandiramon
Xros Digivolutions:
Medusamon Sandira Mode + LadyMyotismon =
VampMedusamon Sandira Mode
Medusamon Sandira Mode + Lilithmon = LustMedusamon
Sandira Mode
Medusamon Sandira Mode + Mermaimon + Rosemon =
SirenMedusamon Serpent Ruin Mode
Medusamon Sandira Mode + BioRotosmon = Medusamon
Poison Snake Mode
Medusamon Sandira Mode + Lotusmon + LadyMyotismon =
VampMedusamon Lotus Snake Mode
Attacks - Gorgon Axe, Poison Lance
Venom Stalker - Extends the Medullia, which
pursue the opponent anywhere.
Treasure Poison - Uses its treasure chest to lure its opponents that contains poison inside on her treasure chest.
Venom Axe - Impales the opponent by thrashing
its body.
Poison Temptation - Releases a dark aura from the Medullia containing rainbow-colored snakes that tempts the opponent into a dark fantasy world and causes them to completely lose their fighting spirit.
Venom Hug - To poison her opponents while
seducing them.
Treasure Storm - Summons a storm of poison-
inducing toxic mist from her Medullia.
Venom Fascination - Poisons an opponent while
seducing her opponent.
Gorgon Lance
Venom Shoot - Shoots toxins at her Medullia.
Treasure Ruin - Shoots toxins at all enemies with
her treasure chest.
Venom Illusion
Medullia Touch - Summons her follower, Medullia from her hand to wrap her enemy and Medusamon will kiss her enemy and she will bite her enemy charged with poison.
Name Derivation - Greek/Medusa was a Gorgon, a chthonic female monster, and a daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, Sandira, derived from the mythological Śaṇḍilya.
Tamer/General - Rei Tuver

Medusamon Sandira Mode is a Xros form of Medusamon and Sandiramon. It is the fusion of the Gorgon Digimon and the "Snake" Deva, and serves the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon. It has the appearance of a half-woman and a half-snake skin. It doesn't like to decide matches in an instant, and prefers to instead seducing out of the opponent while tormenting them bit by bit. She lures the enemy with her beautiful looks before going on the offensive. She poisons others into temptation. Although the axe vanishes once it slashes the opponent, as long as Medusamon's energy lasts, it can spit out from her Medullia any number of them, and they will not degrade in sharpness. The attack Venom Illusion, poisons others into luring in poisonous ambitions while deceiving poisonous illusions and attacks with the Medullia Touch to summon her follower, Medullia from her hand to wrap her enemy and Medusamon will kiss her enemy and she will bite her enemy charged with poison.
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