secondary villians Picture

Dacingtra goes by many names, Dacingtra, the realm of darkness, the black pit,the dark void, the void and other names each more absurd than the last. it is a world in between other worlds that shares the same space in some places, it seems almost alive itself and seems to have a wish to expand. "Tainted" lands have become isolated such as the Darks forest in Chosana where Dacingtra grabs hold of the land on the other side and connects it to itself. monsters and humanoids alike that wander in there are said to be tainted in such a way that they can no longer see anything but a corrupted dying world where evil itself calls on them. one must have a partner to wander the desolate world or they risk loosing their sanity.the world is ruled by a being who almost seems older than time itself, the queen of darkness/ the dark queen. from inside the void she pulls the strings like a evil puppeteer, attempting to spread the chaos all over. the Dacingtra generals are always picked from other realms and by promising them such fame and fortune the queen quickly builds her army's, by betraying their own kind and sacrificing one to their "queen" the generals are chosen. they are almost always cruel and heartless most ruthless as well they tend to be lost in a distorted dream in which they each do their best to satisfy their queen.

consider it a sequel to this pic… (which is actually being revamped
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