Vampire Calpurnia Picture

I got this idea from the Flutterbat episode of MLP.
Here's my story for this picture.

Vampire fruit bats were invading Lady Palutena's golden apple orchard. (In Greek Mythology gods had golden apple trees, shut up and read)
Everyone agreed to exterminate the bats, except Calpurnia. Like how snakes are Medusa's favorite/signature animal, bats are Calpurnia's.
She wanted to relocate them. And being the only one who can control and talk to bats, everyone had to go her way.
Calpurnia was communicating telepathically with the bats and kept them to sit still while Palutena preformed a relocating spell.

While it appeared to work, something, or someone, was still eating the golden apples.
One night, Pit, Dark Pit, Calpurnia, Phosphora, Jade, and Link went into the royal garden for a stake-out.
After separating, Dark Pit found something big hanging from a tree and flashed the signal.
After everyone gathered, they discovered that it was Calpurnia.

"That's not Calpurnia," Pit stuttered, "That's Cal-BAT-nia." (hehe bad bat joke)

The gang soon discovered how she became that way.
While Calpurnia had a psychic connection with the bats, and Palutena was doing her relocating spell, the vampire bats urge to be vampire bats relocated into Calpurnia.

In order to change her back to normal, the gang attracted Calpurnia with a barrel of golden apple juice.
While drinking, Jade preformed a reverse special and chained Calpurnia back to normal.

"What happened, and why do I smell like apple juice?"

The end.
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