Cassiopeia Constellation Picture

For the constellation project in my astronomy class I was instructed to illustrate two specific constellations and the mythology behind both of them.

This lovely lady is Cassiopeia, the vain queen who invoked the wrath of the sea god, Poseidon, with her boastful claims of her unmatched beauty. To punish her Poseidon sent the sea monster Cetus to devour her kingdom, although the attack may be stopped if she sacrificed her beautiful daughter, Andromeda. Reluctantly she chained the maiden up, although she was saved from her fate by the hero Perseus, who saw the commotion on his way back from slaying Medusa.

Unwilling to allow the queen to escape her punishment, the gods chained her to her throne and suspended her in the skies in such a way that she would perpetually circle the north star, Polaris, hanging upside down half the time.

The actual illustration of Cassiopeia is done with a silver paint pen on acetate and lines up with the black board beneath it which support the prominent stars in the constellation. In hindsight I should have nixed the curly hair, since it got way too busy once I added the rest of the crosshatching in...
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