The Choice Picture

Random. As if I wasn't Gorgon obsessed enough, I went to a Klimt exhibition the other day and I found out that he painted them as well! And he has a very interesting way to tie them into the spook school/vienese succeccion style.

What also spooked me was that, long, long ago, I created an icon for Sthno and Medusa to wear as a sort of logo out of a statue I saw in my book of mythology, and he'd painted exactly the same logo. It turns out it's a very, very common symbol. So I did some more research, and that got me onto the freudian/feminist interpretations of the myth, which are all spectacular.

In short, I'm going to spend the rest of this week drawing gorgons. Sorry.

So this one is an analogy of the subconcious abuse of women by a paternalistic society, I think. If you drink blood from one side of the gorgon, you live forever, if you drink blood from the other side, you die instantly. That's the choice.
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