Pegasus Picture

Engine 52: Pegasus, is well, a Pegasus (read: Flying Horse), is a hybrid between a horse and an airship, a giant airship. Pegasus was based on Greek mythological creature with the same name. Pegasus was a male flying horse, who's the son of Poseidon and Medusa. In this series he's also a male horse. He was owned by the Go-on Wings. While the Gold owned the upper part, Silver owned the under part. His body maybe bigger than other Engine, even in his under part can contains Speedor. He could transformed into Go-On Wings' secondary giant mecha, Titan, which also based on Greek Mythology too with the same name, Titan (A race of giants in Greek Myth). He's the leader of Magical World. You know in Go-Onger known several worlds, Engine World and Samurai World. The Magical World contained Phoenight and Friends, with Bivern and another Dragon Engines.

First Person Pronoun: Ware (我)
RPM Name: Titan Horse

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