Fairest Lady Picture

Fairest little lady, it's time to close your eyes.
Go to sleep, dream sweet dreams, oh my fairest lady.
Golden slumbers kiss your eyes...
Smiles awake you when you arise,
Fairest Lady.
London Bridge will fly away
Fly away, fly away,
Oh my fairest lady.
-Fairest Lady: The Nursery Rhyme Cantata: Nick Page

Okay, so now that's over with. This was inspired by the song above, which I LOVETH! It's kinda bizarre, but I dun care. The mirror-Gorgon thing, I don't know why I put that there, but oh well! Blame my obsession with mythology. And the fact that I was drawing this while watching a show about Medusa. Who I feel really bad for. (Yes, I have sympathy for a monster. Rawr. Fear my wrath.)

Fairest Lady (c) Nick Page.
Drawing (c) moi. No stealy, or I eat you.
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