Celine Revisited - WIP Picture

I finally got a new tablet, and have been inspired to start drawing up some of my many sketches.. all unfinished, of course. P:

With a trial of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS5, I've been testing a few things out and attempting to teach myself a bit about vector art. It's... not going so well. >>
I'm in the process of playing with her hands and trying to fix her right side (our left). Meh. We'll see.
I also plan to color it a bit more.

Anwyho, this is Celine from one the elaborate RPs my friends and I are all a part of. She's Poseidon and Medusa's abandoned love child that no one heard about because Athena was a 'lil pissed off about that whole temple-desecration thing. She was banished from Greece when her identity was revealed in an angry attempt to kill the Gods who cursed her mother. And is also a shape-shifting Gorgon hybrid... who has narcolepsy.. and was recently catapulting fellow shipmates of a time-traveling pirate ship from Atlantis toward the Kraken.
Oh.. and she's a Tarot-reading psychic.
Yeah. That's how we roll.

Art, character, etc. (c) Me
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