Snake in the Grass Picture

It is getting late, and yet you sit alone at the bar, glass in hand, staring dumbly into your own lap.
All around you, people talk, chatter, flirt. You wish you could join them, but some old fear, some insurmountable shyness keeps you rooted to the spot.
Then, out of the corner of your eye, you happen to glimpse a beautiful woman in a long black dress. Like you, she is alone, and has a haughty, rather bored expression on her face.
You raise the glass to your lips and finish the contents in one gulp. Setting it down at the bar, you rise from your seat, and make your way across the room, keeping your eyes on the floor, until you are all but a foot away from her.
You swallow hard, and lift your gaze, eyes traveling up the length of her sleek, black dress, as you say, "Ma'am would you like to-" but as your gaze reaches her hair, you stop. There's just something off about it...

Strange things go on in my head when I am bored. This is just one of them. Please excuse the lack of background, but frankly, I couldn't think of anything that might properly fit the picture.

Can you figure out who this woman is supposed to be? I'll give you three guesses...
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