20XX: Medeus Shimeji Because I Was Bored Picture

Well... I most likely put this in the wrong category :/

Geez, what am I doing with my life? XD

It's not complete, by the way :/
I only have the first ten poses done then I said to myself, "I'll do the rest some other time... There's only 40... 45... 40 something of them"


Great... I'm never going to finish this, am I? T_T

Oh, my adorable little Medeus! I watch you run and fall and get swung and... uh... That's all I can watch you do >_<

-gasp- I know! When I'm done doing Medeus, I can do Hado!
Yay me! XD
That's right, Hado! You better watch out!
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