Proxy Blood - Lokumi Nazar Picture

Full name: Lokumi Selda Nazar

race: Gorgon
age: 29
height: 5'9"
weight: 140 lbs
homeland: Truva, Türkiye

Having lived on her own for a long time, she's a great fighter. Her mother and sisters were all killed by fearful mobs, but instead of getting upset, she made a point to endear herself to the local population, making it clear she wouldn't hurt people on purpose.. She generally puts two snakes over her eyes, and uses the other snakes to see. Just when her reputation as something to NOT go after with torches and pitchforks started to catch on, all the humans disappeared, rendering the effort wasted.

Gorgons are hardly poised to replace humanity once she wins, but she knows full well that there will always be defenseless villages, legitimate dangers, and unjustified fears... so she works on some system to gauge the actual dangerousness of species and individual areas.. so people don't have to freak out..
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