Fury sketch Picture

My little sister's birthday is coming up, and I asked her what she wanted me to paint for her. Her answer? "A Fury. You know, like the Greek Furies."

My sluggish brain rewound to dig up a mental image of a Harpie, which I immediately realized was the wrong creature, but still not far off the mark. I asked if she was sure.

In the few minutes of Wikipedia-style research I did, I discovered that the three Furies, or goddesses of vengeance, had snakes for hair, dog-heads, and that they cried blood. I made an artistic decision to nix the dog's head.

This is just the sketch.....the final will be painted in watercolor, and I'll post it if it comes out nice. Meantime, however, please enjoy, in all its uncolored glory.

Drawn freehand in Sketchbook Pro using my nasty Graphire with a piece of paper taped to it.

*Please don't steal this, as it's a gift for my sis.
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