Milliways Family Values Picture

Milliways: Where your family's who you drink with.

From left to right: Cal Chandler (from The Fix, which is a little-known musical John Barrowman once starred in), Pomona of Greco-Roman myth (with Sam's cat Shreddie), Medusa Gorgos (also the Greco-Roman kind), Sam Linnfer (from Catherine Webb's Waywalkers and Timekeepers), Matilda Wormwood (from Roald Dahl), and Atton Rand (from Knights Of The Old Republic II).

They probably wouldn't call themselves a family: at least one of them has severe issues with the very concept, and not all of them are that close with all the others. But the idea's the thing, and anyone attempting to harm any one of them would certainly find out very quickly that they've bitten off far more than they can chew.

And would then find out rather later that that's the last thing they'll be capable of chewing for quite some time...


Started in a cafe in a bookshop, continued in a very serious and very pointless meeting, finished at home whilst talking to my housemates. I'm really very fond of this, considering how I nearly started over when I first drew Sam. Medusa is definitely my favourite here: I'm a little bit in love with her hair.

Housemate Amy and I now really want a hoodie like Cal's, though...
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