I Don't Bite... Picture

Title: I Don't Bite...
Time: 5 months. GAH.
Medium: #2 pencil 0.9 mm lead, Crayola coloured pencils
Music used: No... I can't remember...
Date Completed: 16th January, 2009

She's harmless. All she wants is for you to look her in the eyes. She deserves that much...

This is Medusa. A gorgeous woman, for sure, but deadly.

YES. THE HAND IS WONKY. I KNOW. But doesn't it look cool?! She's reaching out for your hand. Take hers...

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So this was a fun project. I loved doing her hair, and her nails. The dark coils around her were A PAIN IN THE ASS. and they don't even look that good.

But I love her. I love her lots.

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