A Story of Lust, Envy, and Tragedy Picture

So our assignment this time was to pick one of the seven deadly sins and draw a representation of it. This was our first drawing that wasn't us just recreating a photo and come on...it's the seven sins, it was right up my alley xD Anyway, I immediately went for envy (and ended up being the only one who did) because it's the sin that pervades and tortures me most in life. My mind went directly towards the story of Medusa, and found that from a different perspective (in which Medusa is the protagonist) it's a story of the envy of an angry god. Upon closer research, I found that her story was also one of Vanity, and Lust but the snakes themselves are symbols of Envy as well as the color green. Hope you guys like it as much as I loved creating it!
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