Chimera Picture

This was the last project that I had to actually finish in my pottery/sculpture 1 class. Unfortunately, the picture quality is crap. I'll hopefully be able to fix this in a couple weeks when I have a camera that I can use. Anyway, basically we had to create a mask (of our own faces) and make it sort of... relate to you. Uh, I kinda went with a mythological theme (mermaid on one side of the face, dragon (a crappy one) on the other. Snakes for Medusa hair. Fangs for vampires. Mane for... uh... crap... The freaky I can't remember.... Y'know, the lion with the head of a person who tells riddles? yeah. That.). I've always had a strong love of mythology, and all the interesting creatures people have come up with. So that's why I chose what I did. Anyway, my teacher abducted the mask for approximately half a year after I had finished it and had it hanging in the front case at our school. The lady at the reception desk was glad it was finally taken down, because everytime she looked up, it was there, staring at her. XD I got a real good laught out of it.
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