Oronoas Concept Sketch Picture

This here's an Oronoas.

The Oronoa are boar-like humanoids that live on the frozen planet of Mozen. They are a rather "two-faced" species, as while they live in tribal villages and believe in a religion similar to animism, they have hidden facilities that house all of their advanced techonologies, which are mainly in the fields of computers and interstellar transportation.

I wrote a long paper on Oronoan biology, but I think I'll sum it up in a list.

- They have three genders, the third of which is larger than, looks different from, and lives longer than the others.

- The coat of an Oronoas changes with Mozen's two seasons. In the spring, they don soft brown coats with a pattern like a baby boar. In the winter, their coats are pure white (like here)

- Their manes are actually several scaled tentacles. The third gender of Oronoa has special scales at the ends of the tentacles that rattle like a rattlesnake's tail.

- The actual tail of an Oronoas resembles a snake, but has no features besides a pouch that strongly resembles a mouth. This pouch holds reproductive organs and special barbs that absorb life energy.

- The teeth of an Oronoa are designed to crush rocks almost as hard as diamond. The Oronoa eat stones and crystals to store the minerals in special glands beneath their skin. When agitated, these glands allow them to form a coating of stone around their forms.

- The Oronoa have a "sixth sense" that allows them to detect the life energy of the plants and animals in their general area using their sensetive tentacles. This sense starts off weak, but can be refined with effort.

- The Oronoa are excellent climbers, using their hoof-nailed fingers like ice picks to dig into surfaces. Most Oronoa, however, have a fear of heights and/or falling.

Thanks to Seventh Sanctum for such awesome generators to make this species. I combined several generator results to obtain:

The porcine race that resembles the medusa of earth mythology. This race is able to adhere to solid surfaces, making climbing easy. They are lithovores (eat minerals), though they can also consume energy. They have a radar-like sense. They have more than two genders, which makes things rather complex. They can enter a hibernating state where their body becomes stone-like. They are famous for producing historians. They are masters of computers and faster-than-light-travel. They are bound by tradition. Their government is a corrupted technocracy. There is little variance among individuals, making one easy to mistake for another. Their world of origin is icy and has a single moon. They are close relatives of another race, from whom they split over cultural differences ages ago. They come from another universe.
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