Why'd This Happen To Me... Picture

This, everyone, is Stheno, one of the two sisters of Medusa. I've noticed that not too many people remember the sisters of Medusa, so here it is;

Stheno was immortal, unlike her sister Medusa. Out of the three, Stheno was the most independent yet vicious, for she enjoyed killing people (weird, yes, but that's greek mythology). When Medusa insulted Athena in her temple and then, you know, Poseidon did some things that are not PG related so I won't talk about them with her XD, Stheno agreed with Medusa, so Athena not only cursed Medusa, she cursed Stheno as well. Though Stheno is usually depicted as having brass hands and sharp teeth, I wanted to draw her like a rattlesnake. I just learned about rattlesnakes, that's why XD. There isn't much information on Stheno, since she is hardly known. It is true that she isn't as hideous as her mortal sister, since she didn't actually commit the crime. But she was still turned into a gorgon, none-the-less.

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