Narcissus Picture

Giant three-paneled painting of my own interpritation of the mythological figure Narcissus. Fanshawe College in Ontario Canada considered buying this work. In the end, they chose another work of mine entitled "Medusa".

In my version of the ancient fable, Narcissus, Ameinias and Echo are a minor rock band. The ever handsome Narcissus constantly thinks about fame, fortune, his music and other girls, which makes Echo a little jealous. While Narcissus stays behind at practice one night, Echo in a jealous rage pushes over the sound equipment, causing it to fall on Narcissus. The equipment, along with instruments and whatnot bury themselves into Narcissus, causing his horrendous deformities. He belives his new appearance will never allow him to reach his fame as a rock star, until he finally views his reflection, discovering he has not become a horrendous monster, but has become one with his beloved music.

Materials used: Masonite board, acrylics, airbursh and sharpies
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