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Some backstory for the crack:
once upon a time in michuma, there was a 'thing' going round where it was cool to get with shapeshifters (they shapeshift into animals).... in their shapeshifted form..... mostly, this was in the poorer parts of the country. this died out after a while but during the movement, two children were born who were 'halfbreeds' (humans who had some genetic makeup defects which made them physically and mentally resemble the species, also infertile) because of exact timing in their conception. It is thought that many more of these kinds of children were conceived, but only two survived

One of these was illigitimate, she was born after one man who shapeshifted into a lizard quite similar to a snake, thought it meant he could sexually abuse a woman. She ended up giving birth to a halfbreed child. This was a very stressful time for her, luckily she had family and friends to support her. The man was eventually caught and put into michuman jail. But,having a daughter with scales, she had to live somewhat secluded from society, so her daughter grew a love for books, especially mythology.

By her teens she decided to leave her mother and live on her own, she got a job as a bounty hunter due to her skill and extra-sensory ability and the demand in the underground to counter the government assassin 'Periphas'. She took on the name 'Medusa' after one of her favourite mythology tales, because the character reminded her of herself, and also felt a connection because of the snake-hair.

It turned out the government assassin was the other halfbreed and one day they met. they ended up becoming quite good friends with shared interests in murderous stuff however she didn't tell him her real name, just Medusa. He found it too cheesy and too many syllables to say, so shortened it to dusa. which, like all nicknames you hate, stuck.

thus: Dusa

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