Project: X2 - FYP Production Compilation Picture

Updated: Added in a touched up DVD Cover and a CD Cover Design. Read updated DVD Cover description below for more..

Finally a teaser for you those of you who are interested in my animation FYP, Project X². Here is a compilation of the production stuff, but first please let me address the development of this whole animation...

Originally when we started drafting ideas for our FYP plot, we came up with a story that involved a boy who fell asleep in class and dreamt that he is now a warrior who is on a mission to save his real life crush, who is now a princess, captive to a dragon. The main character would rival another warrior who wanted to sabotage him and get the princess himself, but ultimately fails and the main character gets to rescue the princess in the end. As the main character was about to kiss his damsel in distress, he wakes up from the dream where the teacher scolds him for sleeping in class, all his friends laugh at him including his crush. I expressed great dislike for this story, but I kept it to myself, cause I thought it was too late voicing out anything having already let my teacher approve the story.

At the same time we were designing the characters for this story, my buddy Danial,
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