Zofis :3 Picture

Zofis ^^ (one of my new hollow chars for hollow files) theme music ----->[link]

Zofis, one of Hulia's experimental pets . Zofis was just a regular sightless until Hulia mutated her into a different type of species of sightless called Adderas . Adderas are a lot like sightlesses but they can actually see instead of being blind. They have poisonous adders for there hair and tail. (though she looks a lot like medusa from ancient greek mythology) Anyways, Zofis is very loyal to her master and does everything that Hulia tells her to do. Hulia created Zofis so that she can guard the graveyard and made sure that no soul escapes until Hulia returned from the outer world. Zofis's weakness is both fire and telekinesis. (Zofis is kinda strong but not as strong as Hulia....... Hulia can own her anytime XD)

(I dont own bleach -_-)

Zofis and Hulia (C) me
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