Like, What's Your Deal Picture

"Oh my Ra, liek totally fershur, y'know?"

Coloured line-art of an upcoming character in ~Kyriea's adorable comic "Olympus Institute". The comic follows young Greek mythological figures re-imagined as college (or is it high school?) students. Along with some exchange students from another pantheon. The main character is Medusa.

This is one of the exchange students, Hatshepsut. From what Kiwi's showed me, I absolutely adore her. She's a tomboy with a valley girl speech tic, but can get whatever she wants if she really puts her mind to it. She also has some tig ole bittays. Her father is the Egyptian god Amun, which is why she's able to attend a school for deities, being half-divine herself.

She's loosely based on a real historical figure.

Line-art and character concept (c)
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