Inspirations of Deyanira Orochi Picture

the 2nd Lamia Sister of the Forest of the Damned. Deyanira said to be more evil than her younger sister (I am not sure who is older yet I am debating). Deyanira is the smartest Lamia in existence and even more feared than Medusa the Gorgon from greek mythology.

Medusa gorgon - Resembles Medusa from soul eater, highly intelligent, cold, calculating, insane, sly, manipulative, and a scientist but unlike Medusa she is also quite power hungry, greedy, Blood-Thirsty, war-hungry, a Nihilist, and etc.

Oliva Armstrong - Strict, Cold as Ice, ruthless, believes in survival of the fittest, and reckless on occasion. Tho unlike Olivia she is brutal and will slice any one to ribbons if they piss her off. She also shows no care or love for her subordinates.

Amon - Dispassionate, calm, Very good in speeches, and uses her powers to remove the abilities of her threats. Often says "Equalize" and uses some form of blood manipulation but she does it out of joy of seeing people tortured and afraid not bcuz she feels everything needs to be equal unlike Amon.

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