Cyclops Remix Picture

One character at a time. Cyclops!

Scott Summers who? Yes, I changed his name. And ethnicity. In the source material, the cast is whitewashed. By 1975, Marvel noticed, then introduced characters who were more multi-cultural. For my remix, I am doing the same. A lot of shuffling will be going on with my remix. Names especially. The name Scott Summers does not fit a young adult boy of Mexican descent. So I shuffled in the name Roberto "Bobby" de Costa. The name comes from a mutant introduced in 1982; from Brazil, code name: Sunspot. He is described as idealistic and impulsive. That's perfect for a leader in development.

I will explain my remix of this character along with the images. Each image reflects a point in the character's arc. Characters need to go through stuff. High points, low points. Instead of flooding an X-Men series with cameos of the Marvel Encyclopedia, my remix would focus on making the characters, good and bad, go through an evolution (nod to X-Men: Evolution).

1. In Uncanny X-Men issue #43, it is revealed that Cyclops gains optic blasts from metabolizing sunlight and ambient energy. Cool. It may have changed over the years, but I like that. Sitting in his lifeguard stand, he is THE MAN WHO CAN LOOK THE SUN IN THE EYES. It sounds very egotistical and exalting. No human can do this without going blind or seeing eye (sun)spots in their eyes after looking away. The concepts and perception of sight is a driving theme I would have Cyclops struggle with. Hindsight, insight, foresight. Leaders need to be able to "see." The reason Wolverine keeps stealing the spotlight from him in EVERY film and animated rendition is because Scott Summers is boring. Instead of being an uptight boy scout, I want him to be a passionate and fun-loving leader. One who enjoys the beach, slightly macho, yet bold enough to save drowning kids from sharks and watch over the safety of others. Lifeguard is his occupation (characters need money too.)

2. Remember I was talking about low points. Here it is. Wearing a beach towel, an ice pack on his head, and a new prescription of ruby-quartz glasses, Cyclops suffers trauma to the head and loses the ability to release optic blasts on will. This happens DURING the series. How will a leader cope with this unique blindness? He makes a bad choice. In this segment of the story, Jean and Cyclops are at a rift in their relationship as well as Cyclops and Xavier in their student-mentorship. He is suffering psychologically. He needs comfort. The borderline jock is seduced by a goth-cougar. My remix can get quite mature. "All kids out of the pool [Adult Swim]." Scott Summers hardly gets any love from fans and creatives, yet gets all the love from the women: Madelyne Pryor, Emma Frost, Psylocke! For the remix, only one will compete for his heart: CLAUDINE RENKO. For those who don't know, in the source material, Claudine Renko becomes a host body for Mr. Sinister. In the remix, there is no Mr. Sinister. Only Claudine. More on her later.

3. When he first dons the visor, he has to track his fingers as if he is reading Charles Dickens in the 3rd grade. Near the end of his arc, and the series, he grows into the Cyclops we know. He probably won't be wearing the wet suit and water shoes anymore though...

Inspirations (just to let you know I am thinking)
Face, dimples, and personality - Mario Lopez from "Saved By The Bell" and Adrian Grenier from "Entourage"
Clunky and round wet shoes - shoes in "Kingdom Hearts" video games
Google "wet suit" and "Mexican afro hair"

Claudine Renko
Face - long head shape, actress Maggie Q from "Nikita"
Hair - hat of court jesters and Medusa of Greek mythology
Shirt / Blouse - Indian Kurtis (why Indian? With Mr. Sinister's signature red diamond on his forehead like Hindu practice and Claudine's goth wardrobe, I sought an overlap between the two in world culture. I discovered the architecture style Bombay Gothic. If architecture can mash up the two, fashion can too.)
Pants - singer Kelly Rowland, red carpet dress from Grammy 2013. Lord have mercy.
Purple finger nail polish on white skin - Frieza
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