Influence Meme Picture

Lol decided to do this onna whim, was quite fun actually~
Going from top left across.


-Pin-ups/Musicals/WW2 Art: I seriously love this style of art I just find it so reliastic yet theres such an illustrative and individual style to each poster or pin-up. Musicals on the otherhand are a big part of ma life, the actors put they're heart and soul into their preformances and the stories are alwasy so derpy >W<

-Don Bluth: I've always envied people able to work in his or close to his style its so pretty oAo

-Brett Helquist: Ever since 'Unfortunate Events' I found this guys style so fascinating, it's been only recently in college I was able to mimic his style as part of a project and its given me new techniques to put into my own style.

-Music: Music IS bascially the reason I draw. Like all my work is based off lyrics or meoldies I hear and have to express it on paper. Panic! DCFC and Green Day there being some of my most prominent influences and favourite bands.

-America/Hetalia: HURRR How I do love America and Hetalia~ Its not because I find him cute or Hetalias a funny anime but I actually really really do love history, like MRRRGH I can't get enough of it and American history just tends to be my favourite topic, that and I sincerly really do love the country *isshot*

-Nomura: WEEABOO NURF Nawh if it was'nt for this guy I would'nt have eventually developed into my style I have now. I spent hours with my KH2 stratagy guide trying to draw and colour like him, needless to say that bombed.

-Marvel: Just phwoar, Marvel and DC even they give me so much inspiration and not to mention I used to love the old Saturday morning cartoon X-Men, 11 year old me would come up with simply amazing fan art for it derp. GAMBITMRRGH <3

-Mythology: Is something I pride myself in knowing a lot about, I distincly remembering drawing and writing about Medusa for a school project when I was 9

-Birds: Birdiiiiies~ Anything with wings or feathers I adore~

-Books: Self explanatory why they're an influence I grew up reading anything I could get my hands on.

-Matsuri Hino: For the lulz when I was into manga this was how I wanted to draw and theres still a little soft spot in my heart for her style its really nice.
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