HS OC - Molly Picture

Not that anyone cares
but I made a Homestuck OC :U

Her name is Molly. She is a huge fan of Molly Shannon. The fact they have the same name strengthens her attachment.

Her chumhandle is gorgonZola

Her symbol is a mustache because she is obsessed with mustaches, probably due to her infatuation with Spanish soap operas. She does not speak Spanish.

She loves Greek mythology, dairy cows, and Nutella. Her chumhandle is gorgonZola because Medusa was a gorgon, and gorgonzola is a type of cheese…cheese is made from milk…so…gorgonzola is like a combination of both of those words.

She has Sburb, but it’s buried under her desk because she forgot about it. It is unopened.

I don’t think she knows the kids, but she knows the trolls. Her dad is an archaeologist, so she likes to explore outside a lot, thus the stick in her hair.

On Spanish soap operas: She just kinda guesses what they say according to how they say it and what the scenery is. She also mostly makes everything up in her head. One episode there was an older man sitting in his house. A younger man came in and started arguing with him. The drama she created in her head was that the younger man was a pizza delivery boy that got the older man’s order wrong. The older man and younger man argued for a while then started talking about how the horses in the old man’s stable need to be moved to a new stable. Equius enjoyed hearing about this episode.

She likes Nutella on her hot dogs and just about everything.

She tries to rap with Tavros but is absolutely horrific at it

Weaknesses: impatient, petty, and selfish

Her quirks are a “}:{3” prefix (it’s a mustached man with a unibrow and a dairy cow) and double o’s (because moo has two o’s)

The trolls call her papelera which is wastebasket in Spanish. She doesn’t know what it means. Basically they’re poking fun at her because she doesn’t speak Spanish yet she loves Spanish soap operas. Also a wastebasket is similar to a bucket, so they’re just kinda being dicks. XD

Her hair is shaped like a mustache.

She never wears shoes. Just yellow socks.

More details later I guess ^w^
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