RP Anniversary: David Yin Picture

Last one for November!!

Sketched on paper, flat color in SAI. Next picture in a series I'm doing, drawing the kids from mine and Gem's RP a year to the day they were first used, got it? Good!

I say first used. This will be the case MOST of the time. There are a few instances where the kids are born and it's stated that they're born, but for one reason or another they aren't used until a later day. If that happens I'll be posting them on the day that they are BORN. If they're used the first time on a different day then I'll state that in the description, or on the picture itself.

Bio Time!!

Full name: David Yin
Parents: Kiyoshi Yin and Agatha of Chastity
Siblings: Older half brother, Aoi, younger sister, Namine, younger brother Elijah
Cousins: Akeme, Nagatha, Citrine, Moriko, Makoda, Kuro, and Medli
Other family: Uncle Sarah and Aunt Persephone, Uncle Kyosho and Aunt Medula, Niece, Xion, Nephew, Sora

RPed by: Gem (~GemzyBabeeSonamy)
First used: RP 173

David is a very special child for many reasons. For starters he's born on the first day of a week long event known as Starry Night. It was a celebration shared by his father's and uncle's lines of Guardians, unknown to the lines his mother is part of; lines since Agatha is a Virtue Guardian, meant to be part of Beledin's order, but stayed with her sister Persephone and joined a Dark order, led by Medula and Omega.

The second reason he is special is because he literally kept his mother alive by giving her hope. Being the Guardian of the Virtue of Chastity Agatha believed she would never have a child. However, one night she began having dreams of a little boy, one who had special marks on his body. She knew from his appearance that his father could be nobody from her order. She dismissed the dreams, initially, but as they kept coming she developed such a deep bond from them she felt there was no doubt that this boy was infact, her son.

Medula, who is the Guardian of Dreams, confirmed this for her, though the identity of the boy's father remained a mystery. The dreams came now and then, tickling her even as they teased her; they became very important, life-saving, when Zero carries out his plan to all but destroy the order. Agatha, who discovers the secret of his life force hidden in his third eye, upon confronting him, almost kills him by stabbing the eye out. However, she is moved by pity, being gentle and soft-spoken, and cannot bring herself to kill him. This spells her doom, one of the most tragic stories in the history of the Guardians.

With both Mukot and Persephone corrupted, Zero uses them to corrupt the entire order, and kill or banish anyone else that tries to stand against them. Agatha, not corrupted or immediately banished, is punished in a very unspeakable way, violated repeatedly and brutally assaulted over a time so long nobody remembers how long it lasted anymore. With her power over fertility she should be able to keep from conceiving; however, when she is knocked unconscious or faints from fatigue, hunger, or pain, she loses this control, and so there were a few instances where Zero, overseeing it all, lets her carry a child for awhile before brutally murdering it.

To this day Agatha remembers next to none of these things, only that it happened, and she makes very light of it. The one thing she does remember, is David coming to her. The visions of him are what help her hold on, and it is during this long period of torture that she finally learns his name. David.

After Zero has had his fun he has Mukot corrupt Agatha; not in mind as her heart is too pure for that, but rather to turn her appearance into that of a monster, turning her hair into snakes and making her hideous to behold. It is said that mortals got their idea for the monster Medusa, from Greek Mythology, from the descriptions of Agatha.

Broken-hearted, Agatha is banished, and for the next several thousand years she protects the women from her order that were banished, wearing a white cloak to obscure her ugliness, only showing herself to the few Guardians she visits frequently, and trusts; Phantom of the Paranormal, Zeus of Pure Air, and Kalak of Might. She loves Arandor and Shadow like little nephews, and eventually tells Kalak about her dreams. When Kalak one day meets Kiyoshi Yin, he immediately recognizes the special mark he has, remembering Agatha's story. He knows one day they will meet and the boy from her dreams will infact, be born.

Years later, even before Agatha is cured from her curse, she meets Kiyoshi. It turns out he had heard about her plight, and had tried to look for her, only for his efforts to be hampered in one way or another. Though she is initially unsure and tries to keep a distance, Kiyoshi is persistent, and is nothing but sweet and kind to her in every way possible. She is freed from her curse by the return of Medula, and for a time ponders leaving to protect some of the girls from being harmed by lustful males, but after the time she's spent with Kiyoshi, and by now fully aware of his mark and what it implies, she stays with him.

The two fall in love, Kiyoshi romancing her and pretty much treating her like a queen. Eventually David is conceived, and when he arrives, Agatha is overjoyed; after suffering for so long, she finally met the boy from her dreams, the one that helped her carry on, and she holds him very close to her heart.

David is naturally in turn very close to her mother, and would do anything for her. He's protective over her and his little sister just like his dad and older half brother, Aoi, are. Like his father, he becomes one of the leaders in his generation, and is naturally very powerful. Much to Kiyoshi's dismay, David loves playing with Aoi, playing which involves setting up bombs on their father to see if his armor is really and truly indestructible.

He's a sweet kid though, a lot of that sweetness really coming from his mother. His little sister is the clone of her mother, but parts of Agatha shine through in him, not just in personality but also in the cat ears and tail. Both parents have white fur, and the marks on his arm and chest come from his father. The helmet does too, as Kiyoshi wears one, albeit a more elaborate one; he also has his father's eyes.

He's also one of the few kids that already has a nephew or niece. Aoi and Sophie had a little girl not too long after he was born...several months, probably close to half a year.

Alright, I believe that is it. I'm not 100% sure but I believe next will be Riku on...December...17th. That's odd it seems like a big gap but I'll keep checking. I don't want to miss anyone lol See you next month!

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David Yin belongs to me and Gem.

~ Halo
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