Medusa Wadjet Picture

Name: Medusa Wadjet(Med-usa Wad-dyet)
Namesake:Medusa comes from a monster from Greek mythology and Wadjet comes from a snake goddess
Symbol:world snake
Typing Quirk: Look, I'll jusssst sssend a guide to guide you out of that maze. Ssssso ssstay where you are.
Age:7.4 sweeps old
blood color:cobalt
Personality:Medusa's a quiet troll. She's somewhat nervous when meeting someone because she barely blinks and that she's partially deaf. She always makes enemies due to her trust issues due to sometrolls' opinions about her. She's also quite serious and competative and gets jealous easily.
Interests:Ancient documents,history,blades
Hemoloyalty:she's alright with everyone as long as their not 'rude'
lusus:Triserpent(3-headed snake)
strife specibus: 2x blade kind
Planet: Land of Forest and Clouds(LOFAC)
Dream self: Derse
Screen name: VenomousOphidia
Fetch Modus: compass- directs the user to an object
Komodo Scylla-matesprit
Karnih Mattah-Kismisis
The Assassin-Ancestor
Grayia Wadjet-Dancestor

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