Chairman Drek into a Naga snake Picture

Hi there This is Coolzafara96 here!

Today I was thinking Nagaifying characters
If you never heard of nagas before it's a human tailed of a snake and it's sort of like a Gorgon (Well not really)
Gorgons are humans and fully snake like Medusa in Greek Mythology
I was thinking drawing Drek as a naga snake because no one ever seen it before
First I saw Jack Spicer as a naga and I found out very interesting!
Click here to see it! [link]

Well his snake tail sort of like a Burmese python or a Boa constrictor

Okay I got this idea in a tv series called Aladdin the episode is called "Eye of the Beholder"
It's about Mirage (The bad kitty) gives Jasmine a lotion in the marketplace to sabotage Jasmines and Aladdins relationship
The next morning Jasmine had overslept and she screamed because Jasmine had turned into a naga snake!
Aladdin tells Genie to find the woman who sold a lotion to her but Genie can't find her. Then Genie tells Aladdin and Jasmine
there is a Tree of Renewal which grows fruit that can heal everything! (The Genie knows anything!)

When they make it to the tree Mirage ruins the Tree of Renewal and the Fruit. When Aladdin lost he will use the Lotion to join Jasmine as a Naga snake
(Nice Try Mirage! Better luck Next time!) when Mirage returns to her homeworld. Phasir (the blind wizard) tells Mirage that their hate are not match for their love when Mirage lost Phasir breaks Mirages spell to bring the Tree of Renewal and the Fruit back to return
Aladdin and Jasmine back to normal.

If you want to see the Episode Click here! [link]

Anyway that's enough talking! Enjoy the Picture

C U Later!
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