Into The Ancient Cave of Danger Picture

"Behold! The end of our quest," bellowed Pacelese, as he gazed into the murky darkness of the cave before him. "Long have we journeyed to find it, but at last, it is before us."

"So it is," replied Artejax.

"Ah, how I envy you," continued the demigod, "to be the first to venture into the pits of Stylinex. To go where no man has dare go since the days that Prometheus still walked free upon the land. To have your name added to the ranks of the legends. To be sung of in all the courts, from Mycene to Troy..."

In response, Artejax cast a long look at his companion. "Actually, my friend, I would never have gotten this far without your help. Like you said, this has been a long time coming, but I never made it here until you joined up with me."

"Ah, you do me honor," beamed Pacelese.

"Indeed, and I invite you to take the honor of going first," Artejax continued. "As I said, you made this possible. You deserve it."

"Truely?!" Asked Pacelese, astonished. After Artejax nodded, the demigod bound forward and roughly hugged the adventurer. "Such honor I have not imagined! I am forever in your debt." Releasing Artejax, the demigod rushed back to the shore, and ship that was pulled up there. "Come," he called back, "let us fetch the torches and our supplies. We shall set out at once!"

As he watched the demigod leave, Artejax did his best to suppress a smile.

Beside him, the Medusa crossed her arms and scowled. "You're a horrible person, Artejax" she dryly observed. "A horrible, manipulitive person."

Artejax chuckld, and then shouldering his sheild, followed Paceles back to the ship.

A little illustration and brief vignette featuring some lesser-known (read: made-up) heroes from Greek Mythology. Hope it was amusing...
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