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Lazy and half-assed sketches-DO YOUR DUTY!

Yeah, so after hearing about :iconprojectminotaur: I decided to do some sketches relating to it.

You may recognize some of the sketches from her Monster Sample page, but most of it has been previously unseen.

1) A variety of minotaurs I designed. I learned more about the different species of bulls from Wikipedia then I ever wished to know.

2) A labor robot, modeled after the Cyclops.

3) The Medusa, a large collection of snakes modeled after a woman...Which I obviously still can't draw.

4) I hear footsteps...Is it Master?....I smell meat, is he feeding us?...I see something small and weak...It is prey...


5) I decided to do some additional research into Greek Mythology, (I barely knew anything about it.) and some of the ideas included Achelous, a minor river deity who took either the form of a bull or an elderly man, and....

6) And Acheron, the River of the Dead. Except I turned him into a ferry that was crossed with a Mantis Shrimp. (One of my favorite animals ever. So badass.)

7) Garm Hound-A hound who's stomach leads to places unknown.

8) Thousand Feather Idol- A strange bird that can mimic any language by ruffling it's feathers in a precise manner.

9) Double Burrower-A Warthog that rams it's enemies and uproots their organs.

10) Battle Monkey-I actually used the face of a Wrinkle Faced Bat for this one. Go me.

11) Helmet Crab. Haha. I'm so witty.

12) Gaia Rat. Nothing special here.

13) This was one of the Boss Monsters I had in mind. The Dimensional Hydra. A lizard that when devouring other corpses, somehow absorbed the heads, and with it, the knowledge of the fallen.
It's most terrifying feature is the ability to open holes in the fabric of time/space, and summon forth alternate versions of itself from other dimensions, but only for a little while, before the attacking heads are forced to retreat back to their own world.

14a) I knew I was never going to have time to join this OCT, but it didn't stop me from coming up with a character.
The idea was for a Ex-Mafia member who squealed on the mob, and after forced into hiding, took a job as a Private Eye. (How Original)
He got hired by Apollo to look into the Minos corporation, (Again, very original.) and after being affected by TWBII, his body immediately started to melt down, until it was nothing but a puddle of goo.

However, his clothes were also affected by the virus, and they managed to absorb a chunk of his personality and memories, and began reforming themselves to appear human again.

14b) However, the melted pile of flesh was, much to the surprise of the doctors, still alive, and after being experimented on, became a new living weapon dubbed the Hercules Class Behemoth.

*Whew* I apologize for the huge wall of text, and the large image size.

Project Minotaur (C)
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