Monster Girl Encyclopedia Chimera (Sketch) Picture

Chimera Family, Gestalt Type
Habitat: Volcanic Regions
Disposition: Violent, Unstable, Chaotic, Lustful
Diet: Anything that can be bludgeoned, charred, petrified, or stung by its vast strength, fiery breath, luminous gaze, and toxic poison (respectively), male semen
A monstrous beast with god like super power, a nightmarish appearance, and a temper that sears the very ground beneath them. It is the unholy matrimony of a Nemean Lion, a Satyr, and a Medusa joined at the hip and it gains all the strengths and none of their weaknesses. Many years ago these monstrosities were all rounded up and sealed away in the dormant volcanoes across the world by the joint efforts of the Chief God and the Demon King. The reason was due to the Chimera's power rivaled the Chief God and the Demon King alike. Marry this to their unstable disposition and the fact they procreate fast it threatened the lives a mortals and monsters alike. As time went on Chimera's had almost become mythological however if one of the dormant volcanos were to erupt it will melt away the shackles of the Chimera that were sealed in the sleeping volcano unleashing a horde of these vicious creatures who have been isolated for so long. Their isolation has increased their wrath towards the Demon Lord and the Chief God tenfold, and has turned their lust for men into a infinite desire to find, pursue, and rape a man in that order.
If a dormant volcano erupts the Magma will eviscerate the seals keeping the Chimera at bay. The first thing that the Chimera will do is descend from their now self-destructing prison, and vaporize anything in its path even before the lava or ash clouds has a chance too. It will attack any living thing on sight, monsters and human woman will be hunted down and devoured, while human males will get horribly raped. As mentioned before it combines all the strengths of the monsters it makes up. It has brute strength, and tough hide from their heads to their respective limbs like the Nemean Lion. It is quick, agile, and cunning like the Satyr in spite of its clumsy looking appearance. It has the Petrifying Gaze, the venomous bite, and constricting grasp of a Medusa. It also has unique powers of its own as all the heads are capable of breathing fire as hot as the worlds molten core. An encounter with a Chimera gives you two viable options Surrender or Run and hope for the best.
When a Chimera spots a man it has many viable options to initiate mating. They could overpower him with their Herculean strength, even if he is carrying a weapon it will be no match for the Chimera's tough hide. Chimera can use their cunning to easily outwit the unlucky bastard. They could petrify the man with their Gorgon Glare making him incapable of escaping. A bite from any of their venomous jaws will instantly make the man horny and all too willing to want to mate with them. Their favorite method is to create a Ring of Fire around the man trapping him between a rock and a hard place. When they catch a man each of the heads will bicker on who will rape him first. Whichever head wins out, mates first and since their sense of pleasure are all connected, no matter which part is having sex with the man the other heads will feel each others pleasure. They will not stop fucking the man until at least each of their three wombs have been filled with the mans semen. It is not uncommon for a man to be torn asunder before he gets raped. If a man were to be killed before the Chimera can initiate mating than it will go onto an omnicidial rampage until another man can be found. But the Chimera's mating habits don't end there as they often try to catch at least one man for each part so as they don't risk as too tear the man apart. It is not unheard of for a Chimera to capture two or three man at once, each will rape one of their new partners at the same time overwhelming the gestalt girl with pleasure. The Record for the amount of men getting captured as a mating partner with one Chimera is 7 men, but the average number of sex slaves the capture is three
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