Takima Eyecatch Picture

Takima and her bit-beast Medusa ^^ Since G-Rev characters have myth-type bit-beasts, I figured Medusa would be cool to use ^^

It took me forever to do all the shading on Medusa's skin; I used 4 or 5 different colours. And snakes are hard to draw on the computer XD

Things that I know are wrong with thyis pic: Takima isn't very curvy, and her pose is too simple. Some of the colouring went out of the lines, but I have a broken mouse at home, so give me a break please!

Drawn in Photoshop7
Time taken: 11 hours

Takima (C) Me
Medusa (C) Mythology
Medusa's design in this pic (C) Me
Art (C) Me
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