Serpent-maid: scrap Picture

Eng: Well, this creature still unfinished, so details may change on the way to final (color) version. Serpent-maid is my creation, but you can find very similar idea on virtual lands of very-very-very old PC game 'Hexen II' (1997) - almost forgotten monsters, called 'Medusas' in the name of mythological character. Main feature is same - hybrid of limbless human torso and snake tail, armless but not harmless. Still, my character differs by outward appearance and weapon: she defends herself with paralytic poison, not by acid & magic sight, like these Medusas does. Also, che got something similar to three-fingered hand on the end of her tail, to manipulate with items and to do some kind of creative work.


Rus: Это всего лишь набросок, а потому на пути к законченной цветной работе могут поменяться многие детали. Serpent-maid придумана мной, но я могу вспомнить как минимум одно упоминание весьма схожей идеи - почти забытый монстр из старой игры 'Hexen II' (1997 годок
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