Sin Picture

Here's the song that inspired this painting: [link]

I was listening to it throughout the entire design and painting process, along with some other ones by Regina. The Submarines and The Hush Sound also make for terrific listening when using watercolours. ~Ekkibox says that E.S Posthumus are best for oils, but since I haven't used the paint or heard the music I'll just take her word for it.

Playing around with ideas of myth and reinterpretation. Started out with Medusa imagery that slowly evolved into Judeo-Christian framework before finally distancing from Classical mythology altogether. There's still classical stuff I have, though, which I might upload. You can read it as an oppression of female sexuality in a phallocratic society, but that wasn't the exact original intention.

I like breasts. Not necessarily even in a sexual context. I just like them for their aesthetic value. Representative of all that's feminine. I'm finally understanding why the female nude is so alluring and beautiful to paint. Plus it feels good to finally triumph over my fear of anatomy.

Hope you enjoy the painting and the music.
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