Pegasus Dragon Picture age 17 that is!

You may remember that I said I wanted to find some of the fantastic critters I used to draw so much when I was younger and re-draw them with my current style and skill.

That's the link to the original version......Yeah, they look pretty different don't they? I don't remember exactly how I envisioned him st first, but I do remember what features I usually gave my dragons back then: beaks, Bird wings, Frills and fins on side of head, beards/mustaches (chinese style, but sometimes hairy beards). Actually, the original has most of those, but oh well, the original dosen't look very draconic, but he's supposed to.

Oh! This was part of a series of dragons based off of greek mythology.....but the only one I could find aside from this is my medusa dragon, which is super cool, so she should be up next.

ballpoint pen on carbon paper. Yes, carbon paper! I remember when I was five, my dad brought me home some carbon paper from work and I just started drawing on it like always, but when I went on to the next sheet and saw the same things I had just drawn on the last sheet on here I was like "ooooooo, Voodoo!" The stuff fascinates me....I can't stand the smell, but oh the memories it brings back!
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