Medusa Picture

Once upon a time, in art class, we got an assignment. Choose an artist, and one of their works, and produce a self-portrait following them. I naturally chose Alphonse Mucha, because I was (and still am) completely smitten with his work.

We were also to incorporate some kind of element into the painting, that should refer to some part of our personalities, or hobbies, or what have you. I've always been crazy fond of myth and legend, doesn't matter where from.

Greek mythology was something I'd always come back to. Medusa was particularly interesting. The snakes, the flesh-to-stone gaze, you know. So I thought I should depict myself with serpent hair and holding a pomegranate. The pomegranate refers to Persephone, of course.

Little did I know, that we were supposed to almost copy the work we'd chosen. The one in question was sugary sweet and pink, so my own should be the same. That's the problem with art class here. We're supposed to be creative, but they'll be damned if you don't follow some set of pre-determined, stuffy rules. So I was not at all pleased with my self-portrait. I'm not sugary sweet and pink. Ugh. Should've just gone with Mucha's poster for the Medea play instead.
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