Sodom Design Sketch 4 Picture


I think part of this one was to see if I still could freakin draw after that catastrophe of a picture, [link] .

So anyway. STILL determined to come up with a design for Sodom (I thought I should atleast get a design down for one of them and then work on the other once I figure out what I wanna do with... one of them. I have no idea what I'm saying but I'm sure you understand XD), I wondered if perhaps I was looking towards the wrong inspiration for poor Sodom, and that maybe I should look for inspiration elsewhere, seeing as nothing is really working for Sodom. I still wanted to keep an ancient Mesopotamian/Persian look to them, but I flipped through a mythology book when I saw something that I wanted to try and work in with the design.

Mythology has always given me inspiration, and many characters in this story are inspired by something mythological (Ares, Medusa, a few baddies I haven't introduced yet, and a few other agents I'm working on), because theres just so much material you can pull from. I flipped open one of my Mythology books (I have MANY!) and I went through the Mesopotamia section. Just for the record, it is really really difficult to find more information and references of Mesopotamia for some reason. Anyway, I...I saw this picture of Ishtar, goddess of love and war. I saw wings. I saw a really cool head thing. And then I thought - OMG WHAT A GREAT IDEA. So I took my original Sodom idea from the other picture I linked you to up there, and worked with that one.

I half assedly drew his body (as you can tell, it looks REALLY BAD. I will fully admit that it looks really wrong. well atleast the neck area. It's like he's made of playdo or something.) I was more interested in coming up with a headdress design, since I thought if I could ATLEAST get a head idea down maybe the rest would come easier. So I studied my picture of Ishtar, and took the headdress idea (I don't know if they are horns - I think they're actually horns, it was really hard tho because the motif of her was sorta hard to make out in the head area) and worked with that. I'm now reading, in regards to the headdress thing, that it's a horned crown which was a symbol of the gods.

See, for Jon, since he has the wonderful Eye of God, I thought this goddess idea would be a good idea for him, so, because I'm obsessed with wings, I decided to throw some wings on him - which I'll note look really horrible and I actually had no idea what I was drawing.

Anyway, here is another idea, and actually I'm going to take this idea and the other idea and mesh them together for the next round, I'll probably do something a little more exciting with the headdress (and please, just for the record, please don't tell me it looks like a penis tip. Please don't. XD), but I actually like the general idea of this. I hate this drawing, but I will be working with this idea a little more.

I was attempting to draw earrings again. It was essentially supposed to be a sun disk thing, and then I drew this eye which just looked REALLY DUMB so I erased it. And once again I gave Jon this gigantic forehead, thanks to The Eye being drawn too high up. And just incase you are wondering, yes, he does have two eyebrows on both side. One is his natural one, the higher arched one is his "Sodom" one. And just so you also know incase you forgot, he has eyeliner on.

I really don't like this drawing, but I would like to work with this Ishtar idea a little more.
Anyway, this isn't the greatest drawing but... but really it was just a pretty quick sketch (atleast the body was, the designing took a while), so... so...yeah. XD

Anyway, Sodom/Jon here is © to Jess Ratte
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